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  • The second installment of The Dreamer Chronicles is as good as the first. Robert Scanlon has done it again. sarina the main female character is back with her amazing adventures. This series is a series that can span generations, I have enjoyed these books as much as my teenagers have. I also love the educational aspect of Roberts books, Getting people excited about science. I find Robert Scanlons character development thorough and believable, and his story telling kept my attention till the end. I hope this is not the end of this series.
    Dzintra Sullivan
    - Dream Killer is awesome
  • Greatfully received, the sequel to Sarina's Nightmare is fantastic. But you don't have to have read the first in the series to get straight into this second adventure and hit the ground running. This thought provoking book is a mix of fantasy and science fiction that will intrigue younger readers, male and female, and the story is gripping enough to have the adults wanting their own copy too! Thoroughly recommend this book, possibly even better than the first, and I now can't wait for the next one!
    - Exciting, fast paced and compelling!
  • A fast-paced action fantasy with glorious characters, some nail-biting moments and a very satisfying a hint that there will be more Dreamer Chronicles to come in the future. And that's a very good thing! My 10-year-old daughter, an avid and discerning reader, likened this to the Percy Jackson series. For adults who are reading this book out loud to their kids (and you'll want to!) it is worth spending a few minutes on the mythical names that you'll have to get your tongue around - lots of consonants and not quite enough vowels - but that's standard procedure with this genre and all part of the fun. Highly recommended for boys and girls aged 10 and over.
    Karen Law
    - A winning combination

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“I’d Rather Die! Public Speaking Survival Skills”

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The Dreamer Chronicles Book III

The last book in the Dreamer Chronicles trilogy, Moon Zero, is now available – you can see them all here: The Dreamer Chronicles

But will there be more?

Dreamer Chronicles IV … and V and VI

A new trilogy begins … Sarina and Nathan are about to be caught up in something … well … Galactic. Enough said! Of course, many of your favourite characters from the first Trilogy will be making appearances.

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