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  • I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel by Robert Scanlon. As a Teacher Librarian, I am looking forward to introducing my students, both primary and secondary, to Sarina's Nightmare. The central characters -Sarina, Paolo and Nathan; are well developed, immediately believable and very engaging. The novel is a very skilful weave of two parallel worlds populated by interesting characters who come together to battle an evil overlord. The plot cleverly moves characters between these parallel worlds and masterfully intertwines science and art to create magic which gives the novel a real WOW factor. Sarina's Nightmare is fast-moving, uses language beautifully and has a unique blend of science and fantasy. Looking forward to the second chronicle!
    Fran B
    - A great debut!
  • Wow Robert, what a great read, that was quite some ride! I delighted in reading about Sarina's adventures - even though I had a particularly big work schedule this week I found myself finding every opportunity to read further! This is a genre I really enjoy reading and I am so looking forward to the next part in the Dreamer Chronicles. I will recommend this to people of all ages who love to read.
    - A captivating tale for everyone who likes to dream
  • A fast-paced action fantasy with glorious characters, some nail-biting moments and a very satisfying a hint that there will be more Dreamer Chronicles to come in the future. And that's a very good thing! My 10-year-old daughter, an avid and discerning reader, likened this to the Percy Jackson series. For adults who are reading this book out loud to their kids (and you'll want to!) it is worth spending a few minutes on the mythical names that you'll have to get your tongue around - lots of consonants and not quite enough vowels - but that's standard procedure with this genre and all part of the fun. Highly recommended for boys and girls aged 10 and over.
    Karen Law
    - A winning combination

The first book in The Dreamer Chronicles Trilogy is Sarina’s Nightmare [Out Now!].

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At the age of 12, Sarina is already an extraordinarily talented artist. She has an ambition to one day become a world-famous painter, but her first year in high school has exposed the one weakness that could topple her plans.

She is hopeless at maths and science, and the Principal has made it clear that unless she passes the next maths assessment, she will not be allowed to continue her beloved art studies, and he will prevent her from entering the highly coveted ‘National Young Artists Breakthrough Competition’.

To add to her woes, a string of increasingly disturbing dreams transport her into a parallel world, and when she responds to a cry for help from the other world’s only remaining boy, a deaf-mute, she unexpectedly encounters dark magic.

To help him, she must battle a menacing sorcerer and a sadistic bird-like creature—and soon discovers she has hidden powers connected to her artistic talents.

The strange dreams put her maths results in jeopardy and turn her world upside-down. Suffering constant put-downs by the annoying school genius, Sarina struggles to find a way to rise above her challenges, until one day it all goes bad—and her dreams become her worst nightmare.