Read These 5 Star Reviews For "I'd Rather Die! Public Speaking Survival Skills"

  • "Within the first four pages I knew that this was a book that is about far more than just overcoming a fear of public speaking, it is a book about becoming an exceptional public speaker, and a book that I myself would find incredible valuable. The book does an excellent job of telling you what to eliminate when public speaking (slides!), but also what to add (framing!). It goes beyond just business presentations, and deals with all forms of public speaking, whether you have to educate. entertain, or both! Robert breaks everything down, so not only do you not fear getting in front of the audience, but when you are up there you will have something to say that they will resonate with, without fail." - Simon Whistler,
    Simon Whistler
    - Superb
  • "Most people would rather die than speak in public. Luckily for us, Robert Scanlon delivers THE definitive manual to teach you the skills you need to become a better speaker. Whether you've been doing this for years or are just starting out, I'd Rather Die! Public Speaking Survival Skills is really the only resource you'll need to be wowing audiences, no matter what the subject." - J. Thorn, Amazon Top 100 Most Popular Horror Writer and Public Speaker
    J. Thorn
    - Every speaker needs to read this
  • Robert Scanlon has the magic dust! He's the Master Trainer that the rest of us go to for development. I’ve attended many of his programs over the years and always learn something new and important. This book has been many years in the making because Robert has been teaching this content to speakers like me for decades. I'm now I'm a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), which is the highest designation for speakers in the world. Seriously, this book is a must if you want to dramatically improve your presentation skills. Michelle Bowden, Authority on Persuasive Presenting in Business
    Michelle Bowden
    - ... a must if you want to dramatically improve your presentation skills.

Ever had a bout of crippling nerves preventing you from being the best you could be in front of a group?

No matter the size - from one-on-one, to one-to-thousands - skilled trainer and presenter Robert Scanlon shows you the secrets of the pros, all distilled from over twenty years in the game. Whether the though of presenting to groups terrifies you; whether you are a brand new "public speaker"; whether you are an already experienced presenter, "I'd Rather Die! Public Speaking Survival Skills" will take you through a packed step-by-step journey of improvement. BUY NOW ON AMAZON >> CLICK HERE >> [one_half last="no"]

"To be massively successful, you must be successful with the masses"

"And so one of my mentors told me, way back in 1991, told me when I was scared witless of speaking in front of groups," says Robert. Robert Scanlon - now known as "the trainer's trainer - started his speaking role in a high-powered job in the music industry, but was nearly brought to his knees by the crippling fear that accompanied every presentation. Knowing he'd have to do something about it in order to be "massively successful," he embarked on a steep learning curve; scraped a few knees (broke a leg actually), and before he knew it, found himself with a career as a "speaker" - an idea so far from any idea he could have had about his future direction, he's still surprised to this day. But you don't need the scraped knees or to break a single bone to learn all of Robert's excellent techniques, because he's now packed, shoved, cajoled and thrown them into a well-organized and comprehensive volume designed to help YOU be successful with the masses. Available from all electronic online retailers, and in paperback from Amazon. BUY NOW ON AMAZON >> CLICK HERE >> [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"][/one_half]