Read These 5 Star Reviews For Moon Zero!

  • The first two books in this series are very, very good. This one is brilliant! What makes it so great? Well firstly the plot is completely compelling, and secondly the scientific theme of this book relies on something that we can all understand…the moon! So we see our favourite characters Sarina and Nathan quickly caught up in a race to save the entire universe, with the usual backdrop of Sarina's artistic future hanging in the balance. It's a formula that works incredibly well, and for all young (8-15) science fiction/fantasy lovers who are creative arty types at heart, this is a definite winner.
    - This one is brilliant
  • I have just finished reading this book and it was AMAZING! I loved the storyline and the writing was beautiful. Now I have to go back and read books 1 & 2 so I can get more of these great characters. A must for anyone who enjoys sci fi or fantasy.
    Courtney J Tetreault
    - Great book, talented author spins an amazing story
  • Moon Zero is fast paced and action packed right from the start, as the story twists and turns. The original and imaginative mix of art, magic, science and science fiction will appeal to boys, girls and adult readers alike. We catch up with all the main characters from the previous two books, but it is not necessary to read them first to enjoy this one; they each have their own story to follow. This really is a great read; intelligent and with a sprinkling of humour you will not stop until you get to the end. And what an end!
    Golden Girl
    - Exciting, scary, clever, you won't put it down!

The third book in The Dreamer Chronicles Trilogy is Moon Zero [Out Now!].


“Moon Zero” finds our two young heroes hurled into a terrifying race against time!

Sarina, now 13, has a big problem, and it’s way bigger than the one she thinks she has. She’ll have to save the world. Again.

Sarina is one of Professor Harrison’s most powerful Dreamer Kids: highly creative children who can communicate in their dreams with people in other universes … and in Sarina’s case, actually travel between them.

The Consortium wants to get its hands on the Professor’s secret invention—a REM-collider that multiplies creative dream power—and they want to turn it into a powerful weapon, for sale to the highest bidder.

Despite her young age, Sarina is focused on teaching kids to paint. But the art program’s benefactor, Sir John Drysdale, has made it clear that her art lacks emotion and something inside her is missing.

Strange, seemingly unconnected occurrences provoke unrest across two worlds: severe weather patterns threaten to destroy a township; her old enemy, Makthryg, is making plans to escape his prison; in Australia, a prominent observatory has reported an unusual and worrying aberration in the Moon’s orbit.

And Sarina is kidnapped.

When her friend, Nathan, discovers a frightening message on Professor Harrison’s computer, these events conspire to trigger a destructive domino effect. One that will catapult the young adventurers on a wild journey to do battle with the cosmos itself.

But for them to be successful, Sarina must fix whatever is missing inside her and confront her arch-enemy once again.