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  • The Dream Killer brings Sarina back in an action-packed sequel to Sarina's Nightmare. Sarina and her friend, Nathan, must once again join forces to defeat their arch enemies, Valkrog and Makthryg in a parallel world but this time the threat extends beyond that world to their own, where a puzzling loss of creative intelligence is threatening all the great minds of the world, including themselves! I loved this second instalment of the Dreamer Chronicles and would thoroughly recommend it to children and adults alike. Robert Scanlon weaves a thrilling story, keeping the reader engrossed as the plot climbs from one climactic crisis to the next. Science, art and magic are woven so skilfully together as to be very believable and language is used wonderfully well. Twists and turns in the plot keep the reader guessing until the end and leaves the reader wanting more. Let's hope The Dreamer Chronicles Vol 3 is not too far away. Excellent!
    Fran B
    - A killer sequel to Sarina's Nightmare!
  • You know that disappointing feeling when you just love the first part of a sequel but as it comes to the second and third part they just turn out to be... boring? Well that's definitely NOT one of those books!! The second part of the Chronicles is just as good as the first one! Robert Scanlon, the author, writes incredibly well. The story is humorous, exciting, full of likable characters that both adults and kids can easily identify with. I was thrilled to read 'The Dream Killer' and it exceeded my expectations! A great mix of magic, science, mystery, friendship and unimaginable adventures. I loved it! A book I recommend everyone!
    - A fabulous book!
  • I am glad there will be more to this story in the (hopefully not too distant) future ... The second installment of The Dreamer Chronicles delivered everything I had looked forward to since reading the first book, and more ... Robert Scanlon's writing is full of delightful surprises - his books have something for readers of all ages. I loved the inclusion of the end notes and the fact that through artful storytelling Robert is inspiring young readers to learn, grow, imagine, create ... These books deserve a wide and large audience.
    - Sarina's adventures continue ... leaving this reader eagerly anticipating the next episode

The second book in The Dreamer Chronicles Trilogy is The Dream Killer [Out Now!].


Sarina is back!

And the unlikely 12-year old saviour of a parallel world is plagued by anxiety.

She cannot afford to miss what might be her only opportunity to fulfil her dream, and win a place at a prestigious art school in Paris. But when she experiences dizzy spells and starts blacking out, she becomes convinced she has inherited the same mental illness that confined her two great-aunts to an institution for most of their lives.

Her good friend, Nathan, is working with his new mentor, Professor Harrison, at the mind-power lab, when the Professor reveals his shocking discovery. A series of disastrous events exposes the entire world to a terrible fate—one that Nathan believes only Sarina can help avert.

But Sarina has the finals of the National Young Artists Breakthrough Competition on her mind. If Sarina does decide to help, will she be able to retain her sanity, save the world—and still make the competition by Saturday?

The Dream Killer, Episode II in The Dreamer Chronicles, is a fast-paced science-fiction thriller filled with twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end.