When Will Book 2, “Nebula” be released?

Nebula Release

Here’s a question I get a lot! “When is Book 2 of the Blood Empire trilogy coming out?

Whew, it’s been a long time since I published Constellation, the first book in the Blood Empire Space Opera series. If you’ve already read Constellation, I’d like to thank you for your patience while I finish Nebula, the second book in the trilogy.

Without listing listing my excuses, suffice to say life’s circumstances have interfered with my usual speedy production!

(And if you haven’t yet read Constellation, you can pick up a copy here, and also get a free taster of the story by reading the free novella, A Bar Room Brawl On Ganymede, here)



Indy Jackson, the heroine of the Blood Empire series is thrown into a quest with a double-edged sword: find more information about her father as well as collect intelligence on the Blood Empire’s – the Sector’s enemy – intentions. Can she do both and stay alive?

Find out in the thrilling second installment of the Blood Empire Space Opera series!

If you’d like an advance review copy of Nebula then please let me know by entering your email address here.

Thank you for your patience! Nebula is almost done and I hope to release it in the second half of 2018.

All the best,


Constellation and A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede now on Audio!

I’m delighted with the work the fine folks at Podium Publishing and awesome narrator Hillary Huber have made with bringing both Constellation AND A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede to life!

Now you can hear Indy Jackson fight and persuade her way through a seriously twisty galactic adventure of piracy, betrayal and surprise.

And there’s a war brewing in the Sector …

The best news?

A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede is a FREE Audiobook! Grab it here (you will have to join AUDFANS – which is free – to access the audio):


A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede audiobook cover

Constellation is also available on Audible, here:


Constellation Audiobook