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Faster Than Falling Facebook Reader Party

Faster Than Falling

It’s the perfect party for introverts!

If you love to read, love sci-fi and would happily chat with an author about their latest work … but you’d rather stay at home with a good book, then this Facebook Party to launch my friend Nathan Van Coops’ latest novel, “Faster Than Falling” is made for you!

Over 9 hours, various sci fi others (including myself at 7.30pm US EDT) will be dropping by to chat and offer giveaways to anyone who joins the party.

And if you love speculative fiction with a great literary voice; a ripping adventure yarn filled with skypirates and steampunk-style tech, I highly recommend Nathan’s book – I devoured it!

Faster Than Falling

Get Faster Than Falling here.


Free Science Fiction Books

Free Sci Fi Books Mega Giveaway!

Here’s an amazing array of FREE Science Fiction books, novellas and stories for you!

I’m a member of a group of authors who occasionally put together giant free sci fi giveaways (this one is run by Dean Wilson), and your luck is in, as we have one starting today! (I counted 59 free books!)

Here’s the link (just click on any cover to “claim” that book):


Free Science Fiction Books
It ends November 20, so you have a few days to get in.

Here’s to discovering new authors – I’ll also be grabbing some myself. One can never have enough sci-fi 🙂

All the best!

Robert Scanlon

sarina's Nightmare and Tandem Skateboarding

Can you REALLY have two people on one skateboard?

In Sarina’s Nightmare, there is one scene where two people (OK, kids!) ride a skateboard together.

One rather enterprising reader challenged this scenario; and scoffed at the idea that this was even physically possible.

Well it is, and I have proof.

Video proof! 😀

It even has an official name: Tandem Skateboarding.

Take a look at the videos below – doesn’t that look like amazing fun?!*

*No, the scene in the book is nothing like either of these. It is a fun getaway scene though! You’ll have to read it to find out won’t you!

Praise for Sarina’s Nightmare:

A fast-paced action fantasy with glorious characters, some nail-biting moments and a very satisfying ending…plus a hint that there will be more Dreamer Chronicles to come in the future. And that’s a very good thing! My 10-year-old daughter, an avid and discerning reader, likened this to the Percy Jackson series.

For adults who are reading this book out loud to their kids (and you’ll want to!) it is worth spending a few minutes on the mythical names that you’ll have to get your tongue around – lots of consonants and not quite enough vowels – but that’s standard procedure with this genre and all part of the fun. Highly recommended for boys and girls aged 10 and over.