Thanks for the 5-star reviews!


The release of Sarina’s Nightmare has generated a nice buzz already.

Thank you to the 5-star Reviewers!

To celebrate, you can now read the first chapters absolutely free, right here!

Here is the link (pdf file, 2.4Mb):

Sarina's Nightmare

Have fun!




Sarina's Nightmare

Sarina’s Nightmare Now Available On Amazon


It’s finally available – and to celebrate, I’m pricing the Kindle version at only 99c (for a limited time only).

There are already a clutch of 5-star reviews (very grateful, thank you).

If you know a 9-12 who loves to read, and enjoys sci-fi or fantasy (no space stuff in there, but there are parallel universes and wormholes!), or adults who enjoy the likes of Harry Potter etc, then why not download a sample?


The sequel is well underway, so there shouldn’t be too long to wait for those anxious to read the next adventure 🙂

Robert is writing

I’m Writing Books – Are You?

Books! Yes I’m writing books!

The first is shortly to be published. It’s a Junior Fiction – or to use the industry term, “Middle Grade (MG)” and is the first in a trilogy.

Hopefully not long after that, I’ll be finishing and polishing a book designed to help anyone who finds themselves “public speaking” – for whatever reason. Weddings; Your Job; Interviews – if you’ve ever felt a lack of confidence or nerves then I can help you!

For some reason I cannot fathom, I found myself in a two-decade career teaching and training people in large organizations. The only problem being … I hated public speaking!

Luckily I learn quickly and managed to overcome the “sheer terror vomit moment” – and now I’ll teach you too, so you don’t have to go through all that pain!

If you want to bet notified when it is released, then just subscribe to my newsletter on this site 🙂

Are you writing?

Are you public speaking?

I’d love to know – tell me in the comments section below!