The Dream Killer 99c Countdown

Counting down in the US & UK … two books at bargain prices!

If you love a good tweens (middle-grade) thriller, throw in some sci-fi and some magic, a parallel world … the ‘Sarina’s Nightmare’ and ‘The Dream Killer’ might be just your thing!

Readers and reviewers have made favourable comparisons to Percy Jackson, Ranger’s Apprentice – even Harry Potter and the ‘His Dark Materials‘ books got a mention. *blush*

Anyway. Both books are featured in a ‘Kindle Countdown Deal’, which means if you live in the US or the UK (or can ‘arrange’ to live in the US or the UK for Amazon’s purposes hehe), then you can pick up the Kindle version of BOTH books for a mere 99c each.


From Feb 20 – Feb 26 (midnight US-time)

If you have any issues find the books, let me know – here are the links:


Sarina’s Nightmare:

The Dream Killer:


Sarina’s Nightmare:

The Dream Killer:

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